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Decorcoat - New Project

Decorcoat - New Project

Decorcoat - New Project

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Building and walls to communicate

A refined and sophisticated technology allows to utilize holed aluminium sheets to build up images, logos, visual designs and visual combinations to be used as vehicles to spread messages, concepts or simply feelings.

What is Decorcoat?

Decorcoat Ventilated  Curtain Wall facade system allows to reduce the energy requirements of a building and therefore strongly reduce CO2 emissions.

Decorcoat offers Architects, Designers and Town Planners an unlimited range of possibilities for creating impressive designs.



Walls to communicate

Ventilated Curtain Walls (VCW)

The principle UNI 11018 defines VCW like a kind of facade with a standing off screen in which the cavity between the cladding and the wall is planned in such a way to let the air flow , thanks to the chimney effect, in a natural (or artificially controlled) way according to daily or seasonal requirements in order to upgrade thermoenergetics performances.

Final result

On april 2017 a 300 sqm Decorcoat Ventilated Curtain Wall will stand off the plant of a company in Vicenza attracting the attention of thousands and thousands drivers and people to a company otherwise confused with hundreds of undistintcted  others.

Next Decorcoat realization in Torino

Construction of the new automatic warehouse with 3 sides walls for sqm 2100 (400 + 400 + 1300).

Installation may- june 2017